Chelouranyan Slang

Here are some words used informally by some Chelouranyi.

Words marked with “h” signify that these are terms adopted from the Motherland; those marked with “t” denote specifically Tellurian words unknown in the Motherland.

AVVIE t: Avatar. One’s “virtual body” in virtual environments. While slang is usually regarded as “less respectable” than formal speech, some Herthelani prefer this abbreviation because they consider the use of the full word avatar (a Sanskrit word normally referring to the manifestation of Deity on a particular plane of being) a little profane.

BIFURCS t: Bifurcated garments – i.e. pants or trousers.

BONGO t: 1 noun: A dweller in the Pit, particularly one deeply affected by the ethos of the Pit. 2 adjective: Of the Pit, having the qualities of the Pit.

CUSHION h: Used as a simile, often for laughter, as in “to laugh like a cushion”. Any variant may be used as an intensifier – striped cushion, tasseled cushion, velvet cushion, etc.

EMBIE t: Embassy.

FIZZERS t: Physicalia – Physical as opposed to Virtual life. Cf. Virchers.

FLAVVIE t: Flesh avvie (avatar). One’s physical body regarded as a means for one’s manifestation in Telluria rather as a virtual avatar is a means for one’s manifestation in Virtualia.

FLEEM t: Abbreviation of flea-market. Sometimes used as a verb: “They’ve been fleeming this afternoon.” Fleems are a cheap source of up-to-date articles.

FROG h: To lie.

FROGGER h: Liar.

FLOEP t: To disappear suddenly from Elektraspace (whether through hurry or technical fault). The word is a Dutch “disappearing” sound-effect.

G’DOINKER h: Fool. Very slangy and almost exclusively used by brunettes.

G’DOINKING h: Foolish, foolishly. See previous entry.

GERBIL h: (Milchford and general). To steal someone’s drink. The game of gerbilling or surreptitious drink-stealing is popular among some (particularly brunette) undergraduettes. From the mysterious gerbil who is said to have taken the drinks.

GIRLY-GIRL t: A maid who prefers the company of other maids, not necessarily an intemorph or a Chelouranyan.

HYACINTH h: To “give someone the hyacinth” is to refuse to speak to her.

JINKY h: Frivolous, jaunty, gay. Applied to people, activities, music, etc.

KINNIE h: A motion picture. (“Kinema” in more formal Herthelan speech.)

LEKKIEPOST t: Elektrapost; email.

LEMON h: To “sleep like a lemon” or simply to “lemon” or “be a lemon” means to sleep during the day. It is probably related to the Novaryan term zitronel, meaning a siesta.

MOME h: Moment. Abbreviations of this type are quite common and sometimes coined ad hoc, but “mome” is almost universal.

MOMELY h: Very soon, as in “I shall be back momely”.

OLD TARRY ROPE, THE h: (Tarry rhymes to “sari”, not “marry”). Usually in the expression “Don’t come the old tarry rope with me”, meaning usually “Don’t pretend to knowledge or experience you do not possess” but sometimes more generally “Don’t give me any of your nonsense”. It can be used positively as in: “Do you think she knows what she is talking about?” “No, she was just coming the old tarry rope,” or “Do you think you will pass the exam?” “Only if I can get by with the old tarry rope”.

ORDIE h: Ordinator (Personal Computer).

PETTE t: A girl. Considered by some to have been originally short for ‘chapette’; although this shade of meaning is probably less present in its usage than the pun on ‘pet’. Its nuance, at once jaunty and ultra-feminine, is unique and purely Chelouranyan. A “pette”, like a ’20s “flapper” or a ’60s “dolly bird”, is a phenomenon specific to her time and place. The word also, with its overtones of ownership and obedience, stresses the ethos of ferocious group-independence and equally ferocious revolt against the false divide-and-rule Pit-cult of ‘personal independence’.

PIPPSY h: A bright young thing.

PLIP h: To go. “I’ll plip off now”, “they were plipping all over the place”, “I think she plipped to Ladyton”, etc.

PLUMBING t: The elimination and reproduction mechanisms of schizomorphs, usually when taken as the main source of coarse language/”humor” etc. in Telluria. For instance: “Her talk was awful. Full of plumbing references”, or “Can’t these creatures forget their plumbing for five minutes?” Sometimes the word is used as a verb: “She became abusive, and, having no vocabulary, started plumbing”.

PLUMBER t: An Outlander who swears. A coarse or lewd Outlander.

POP h: To break, destroy or disappear, literally or figuratively. “Don’t pop that window”. “I had a job at the library, but it popped”.

POP t: To post on a forum or other online location. “I have just popped the notes on our meeting”.

PROING h: To poke or pierce: “She proinged the balloon and it popped”. A hypodermic injection: “I had to see the doctor for a proing”.

REPARTEE h: Cheek, backtalk, argument. It also has the normal sense, but in this sense is used in such phrases as “Don’t give me any repartee” or “All I got from her was a lot of repartee”.

SCHIZZIES h: (Pron. skitsies) Schizomorphs.

SHINY h: An optical disc. Kinnie Shiny: a kinematic optical disc.

SNAPSIE t: A photograph.

SPLOT h: To throw or flick a messy substance so that it splatters on someone or something.

SUISPLOT h: “To commit suisplot” = to spill or drop something messy on oneself.

SWOGGLE h: to steal.

TEENIE t: A teenaged persona.

UP-TO-DATE h: From the Western provinces, but especially from Trent, Vintesse, and Novarya. We speak of up-to-date cars, songs, or films. Arkadyan ones would be “old-fashioned”, and bongo ones “outdated” or “obsolete”. Things from Quirinelle can be up-to-date, but never quite ultra-modern or up-to-the-minute as things from Vintesse might be.

URSIE h: Short for Ursie-doll or Ursali-doll. Chelouranyan equivalent of a “Teddy-bear”.

VIRCHERS: Virtualia. Herthelan deployment in Virtual Reality. Cf. Fizzers.

ZIPPY h: Neat, nifty. Often seen as a direct equivalent to the Tellurian word “cool”. Mostly used by teenagers.

For a list of Herthelan and Chelouranyan terms of a more formal nature, please see
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